Pet Education Links

Pet Education Links

American Animal Hospital Association
(Great pet owner section)
American Feline Practitioners Association

Cat Vets
(Great brochures in the pet owner section)

Canadian Veterinary Medical Association
Veterinary Partner

Veterinary Partner
(Reliable pet owner information)

Infectious and Zoonotic Disease Information
Worms & Germs Blog
(Frequent updates of infectious diseases currently affecting pets)

Dogs & Ticks
(Great interactive map for tick-borne diseases and heartworm)

Pets & Parasites
(U.S based information, but well written)

Behavior and Socialization
Indoor Pet
(Best information on environmental enrichment for cats and anxiety-related diseases)
Pet Memorial Services and Bereavement

Gateway Pet Memorial
(Selection of products for the memorialization of your pet’s life)

Pet Loss Canada